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Insurance Program
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What period does the policy cover and are premiums prorated?

The policy runs from August 1 to August 1 each year. Rates are not prorated if you purchase a policy mid-year.

Does a hunt club have to be a formal entity with bylaws, membership fees, etc.?

No, any group of hunters can participate, but a group name must be provided to identify who is included in coverage. We recommend, however, that you keep a written record of authorized hunters for your property. The group must have a written lease with each landowner.

Can landowners take out the policy by themselves if they don’t lease the land for hunting but allow friends and family members to hunt?

Yes, but they must prepare a short written document outlining who can hunt and participate in other related activities.

Does every member of my hunting group have to be a member of NDA?

No, a NDA membership is provided to the group member named on the policy and to additionally insured landowners, but individual members are not required to be NDA members.

Does the landowner have to be named as an additional insured on the policy?

No, but most landowners require their hunt group to list them on the policy as an additional insured to provide them protection against legal actions resulting from the activities of their hunters. In the case of multiple landowners, every landowner would have to be named as additional insureds. If the land is owned by a company, family trust, or similar entity, only the legal entity would need to be additionally insured.

What are some exclusions of the policy?

Some examples of exclusions include bodily injury or property damage arising from the use of vehicles, aircraft, pollution, worker’s compensation, assault and battery, intentional or expected acts, and commercial hunting operations.

Are commercial hunting operations, guide services, outfitters or subleased properties eligible for this program?

No, commercial hunting operations, guide services, outfitters or subleased properties are not eligible.

Explain fire legal liability.

An example of a situation that would be covered is a campfire that gets out of control and burns valuable timber. This coverage does not cover structures such as hunting cabins and houses.